Working capital management acts as the horsepower of the business, higher the horsepower better it runs. And to facilitate this, multiple products can be considered as it suits to the business needs.

Following are the list facilities in Working Capital Management

Fund Based

  • Cash Credit
  • Over Draft
  • Dropline Overdraft
  • Bill Discounting
  • Factoring
  • Pre/Post Shipment Finance

Non Fund Based

  • Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantee

Long Term Financing

Short Term or Long Term Loan required by the business for expansion or upgradation of facilities can be arranged with highest realization of security and financials.

  • Quick Process
  • Rate of Interest From 10.6%
  • Flexibility in Choosing Bank and Tenure

Project Finance

Project finance required for industrial/infrastructural projects can be arranged with top notch banks for long term commitments with specific moratorium period required for the project.