About Us

Getting a loan in the current banking system is tedious process hence Easy Money Fintech Services makes it easy for you to get the best product from the multiple variants available in the market.

Easy Money Fintech Services is a simple but effective name in the demanding Loans & Advances market where we have provided our clients with valuable services at the critical juncture of their business.Our team ensures hassle free services to our clients with minimum impact on the operations of the business.

We mainly cater the clients with Long Term Financing and Working Capital requirements along with Business loans and Retail Financing – Home Loan and Personal Loan.

Easy Money Fintech Services, based in Mumbai, was established in 2010 and since then we have worked with all the major banks in India for providing our clients with their requirement at the best possible cost. We have been have served our customers with best-suited products for their business from the multiples available in market. We have fixed a simple process for getting the best for our client,

  • Introduction to the client
  • Understanding the business, product, promoter’s mindset and the financials
  • Detailing the best suited bank and the products offered accordingly
  • Getting the documents ready for processing.
  • Constant follow up with the bank for an agile process
  • Negotiation with the Credit Manager for best outcome. (Limit, interest rates, Processing fee)
  • Providing required assistance in and after disbursement.

With this simple process, we have been able to successfully disbursed over INR 500 crores of loans and advances in the all the category of loans serviced by our company.

The founders and the team of Easy Money Fintech Services have worked with numerous clients in the past including SME’s and Large Corporates.

Easy Money Fintech Services aims to builds one stop end to end capabilities to address the entire financing requirement as desired by the client’s business.


To evolve as a biggest channel partner in the banking’s core business of loans and advances.


Serving the customer business requirement with financial solutions through optimum products and effective services.

Transaction Range

Our successful concluded transaction includes ticket sizes of SME to large corporate finances.


Easy Money Fintech Services was established with select professionals having extensive exposure in the banking space. Each professional in the firm possesses exposure in loans and advances market with experience in leading banks for more than 5 years.